Project Life & Scrapbooking for Beginners #one

Hello Saturday

I've been asked on social media a few times over the past week an array of Project Life questions, some are easy to answer other questions require more in depth responses. It got me thinking. I need to start sharing (hard for an introvert like me) my 'how to' on project life & Scrapbooking, giving those new to this memory keeping process a place to start & learn exactly what it is, why I do it & some ideas on starting your own. So this is blog post #one.

Today I'm going to discuss with you what 'Project Life' is... when I first heard of it I thought, what in the world is that & I just assumed it was a new age thing, a how to improve your life book or something along those lines.... now....what a giggle.. 

Project Life is a concept started by Becky Higgins you can find more about it here however to sum it up without having to wander off this page, I liken Project Life similar to keeping a diary. It's about taking photos of YOUR everyday life, with your family, pets, hobbies or even what's in your pantry, anything related to your life & what you do, these photos or memories are then inserted into plastic sleeves that come in different sizes depending on your album size. Then you journal about those memories captured & insert these into the plastic sleeves. Easy? Yes.

Now this is where you can change it up to whatever you want, there is no right or wrong way. As you can see from my photo above, I use photos predominately & not a lot of journaling, I rather like that the photos are centre stage & therefore telling the story. If you want to compare what others do to record their memories you only need to google 'Project Life' or #projectlife in Instagram or Pinterest & wow, you will be there for days looking at what others do with their memory keeping albums. 

What does #weekeight mean? Project Life is recorded weekly, therefore the first week of the new calendar year is called #weekone. Guess what though, if you want to start later in the year YOU CAN. Look at a calendar & work out which week of the year it is & just start from there. Back in 2012 I started with #weektwenty. My recording begins on a Monday & ends on a Sunday. I know others that do Sunday to Saturday, or even monthly, you can record however or whenever YOU WANT. I think the idea of Project Life is not to get to wrapped up in what week it is, it is the recording of your life that truly matters.

Next week, I will share post #two, it will contain where you can order supplies from, tools that you may require & the subscriptions that are available to pre-order. If there are any questions you'd like answered in this series of blog posts, please leave a comment below. 

If you're new to Project Life, I'm so excited that you even thought of starting, I LOVE it, & so do many others around the world.