Hello November Mood Board

Hello. Saturday & November.

It seems surreal to think that 2014 is almost over. October was an interesting month to say the least, a busy month for us at home; school & university. I just kept moving with the thought that I only have a month to go to summer holidays & Christmas, thank goodness. We are going overseas for our summer holiday this year, the first time for my girls, I'm so excited for them, they deserve a wonderful holiday; having their mum & dads full attention & having fun together as a family with no commitments. Summer holidays also mean more time to create & more time to get this house organised for 2015. Can you tell I'm a little excited. 

Today I'm sharing above nine quotes I found on my Pinterest 'Quotes' board. I love quotes or wise words as they are sometimes referred to; like music, quotes resonate with you for a reason, it might be something you've recently been through or realizing how far you may have come. My favourite quotes are ones that are positive & happy, quotes that remind me how lucky I am in my life, to be alive even. Quotes that remind me that I have a wonderful family that love one another & realize how important love is. These quotes above are some of my favorites from October. 

Last week a friend of ours lost their 15 year old son in a tragic freak accident while at the beach. It made me think how short life is, how quickly it can be taken from us & how we shouldn't sweat the small stuff. So I'm laying it on the line real early, my 2015 New Years resolution will be 'Live life without fear & live with purpose'. Heck why wait till 2015 I'm going to start now. And something the dad of this boy said 'Tell your children how much you love them everyday & hug them'. I do this anyway but it was good to be reminded how lucky I am to have them in my life. 

Happy Saturday. Let's create.