Hello. Seven Days.

Hello. Today.

This is my first 'Seven Days' blog post. I will be sharing what we have been up to in the past seven days as a family & as Hello Today Create.

In the last seven days I've been busy. Busy doing what. Busy doing life. What with coffees & catch ups with friends, school drop offs & pickups, afternoon sporting commitments, housework, gardening, working, studying & volunteering & creating. I'm lucky that my soon to be new career is connected immensely with creativity. A huge bonus for me I think. If children don't have access to creativity at home, school is sometimes their only opportunity to learn how to be creative or get creative, and gaining those skills of using different materials, resources & creating something out of them. Learning about a famous artist, musician or composer, looking around their classroom & enjoying theirs & others artwork on display. This all appeals to me, & I get very excited to think that one day I'm hopefully going to have my own classroom to create in with some little eager learners. Can you tell I've recently been on a placement. 

Ahh coffee, I have a coffee with girlfriends every week, I look forward to it, we have a good laugh, enjoy girl talk & most importantly we support each other. Soon we are going to one of our girlfriends 40th birthdays, just us girls & it's going to be so much fun, I'm really looking forward to it, as it will be after my next placement & I'll need a drink I think. 

Miss Ten turned Miss Eleven during the week, I think I'm still in shock that I have an eleven year old to be honest, wasn't she just three where we had a jumping castle, fairy cakes & I was rocking the face painting? Oh my goodness it goes quick! Miss Eleven was allowed to choose where she wanted to spend her birthday & with whom; the beach & family was what she settled on & I was proud of her for that. After all it's a no party year. Do you have those? 

Loving these A5 binders I found at Dasio, only $2.80, madness, they come with tab inserts too. 

I've been using this free blog content planner from 'The Native New Yawker' you can find it & download it here http://thenativenewyawker.com/free-blog-content-printable-planner/

It's come in handy for me. I hope you find it useful too. 

See you for the next 'Seven Days' blog post soon.