Hello. Organising Tips

Hello. Weekend.

Organising your life, work & kids can be difficult, where does one start, I'm not suggesting by any means that I'm organised all of the time, I'm organised most of the time & this is difficult to achieve believe me. Give us school holidays & then watch organising & routine go out the window, just the way I like it.

Today I'm going to share two simple examples of organisation & then share a few more next week. These ideas are what I use & what I find works for us. 

1. Homework

We use this red basket/tray to store our homework for the week, the homework goes in here on a Monday & we work on it during the week, each afternoon putting it back in this tray till Friday's due date. In the basket I keep counters, 100's chart, number line & times table book & weekly readers. When the girls were younger of course sight words & literacy flashcards were stored in here as well. The girls understand the routine, know where their homework is during the week, hence saving me time searching & keeping track. 

The rotating pencil tins are fabulous, I picked these up at Howards Storage World last year & it has been a blessing for us at homework time. I keep the coloured pencils sharp & lead pencils by the dozen, I found a packet of 50 at Woolworths for less than $5.00. It also has glue sticks, sticky tape & scissors included. In those little draws of the table I store A4 blank paper, colouring-in books & note pads. 

2. Toys/Lego

I may have posted a photo of this on my blog some time ago, but last Christmas the girls received so much Lego that we just had to get it into some kind of order. We decided to have one area in the house for Lego, not separated into each bedroom. The girls voted that this was a great idea. Next was a trip to Ikea in Sydney to purchase the above storage system. I'm going again soon to get a fourth. With the help of the girls we spent a day separating the Lego into colour groups. That was fun! The best part - it's organised, they play with it more & there's room to store the finished product right on top. Perfect.

Next week, I will share with you our chore chart & you can even download a copy for yourself. (First image found on Pinterest, you can follow my Pinterest board for Kids Organisation here)