Hello. iPhone Photography Apps.

Hello Friday. 

Today I'm going to share with you my top 8 photography apps that I use to 'create' my gorgeous photos using my iPhone 5s. These are listed in no particular order.

1. Camera + 
I take all my photos with this app. I love that you can fiddle with the exposure & shutter speed. Another great feature is the stabilizer & timer. I love using the Macro option for close up shots. This app definitely has the best editing tools too that I've come across compared to other photography apps. 

2. Instagram
Instagram is the only social media I use other than Pinterest, it is my favorite to share my pictures. What was the world like before IG? Even though I don't edit my photos in instagram anymore I still use the frames & tilt shift within the app. I think Instagram will only keep improving. 

3. PicTapGo
This app is right up there in my favorites list. The filters are amazing, over 70 different photo effects that you can layer & save as your own custom filter recipe, the cropping & editing tools are easy to use as well. Best of all you can upload to Instagram from within the app. Perfect. It's from the creators of Totally Rad, so you know it's great quality right. 

4. Collect App
I've spoken before about this app here. The best app to 'collect' your photos & print. It even puts your photos in date order. I love it & use it for my Project Life & December Daily. 

5. VSCOcam
Editing your photos with this app gives amazing results, you can fine tune your pictures by using exposure, temperature, contrast, fade, vignette & a whole lot more. F2 & T1 would have to be a favorite of mine. I save the photo & upload it to Instagram in the app. 

6. RDMagic
Amazing app that lets you create magic with your photos. Light, Bokeh & textures are my favorite layers to add to my photographs. You can also upload this to Rhonna's first app - Rhonna's Designs. 

7. PicFrame
Fabulous app, making collages is one of my favorite things to do with lots of photos. I even have this app on my iMac it's that good. It has many different frames & combinations to play with. Another bonus is it uploads to many social media options. Check it out.

8. Afterlight 
I don't use this app a lot, but generally use it for its many filter options. I then save the photos to my iPhone & then upload them in another app to process to either Instagram or iCloud. 

So I hope these have helped, given you some other options to create perfect photographs, especially when lighting isn't perfect. A last tip - when I take a photo with my iPhone, I think of it as the canvas & these apps as the paint & brushes. It takes some practise getting them right & to the point where I'm happy with the outcome, then I share.