Hello. Collect App.

Hello. Today I thought I would share with you a quick tutorial on my photo process for project life. The photo process of project life can be the most tedious part, the paper lover in me thinks so anyway. I appreciate how I can shoot, journal & print my photos in such a quick & no nonsense technique. The photo step in your project life should not be a time consuming procedure in your layout sequence as I believe this is how falling behind can happen so easily. If the process is quick & easy it's not going to be a huge deal & therefore your creative mojo is less likely to be lost. 

Firstly I take all my photographs for project life with my iPhone, I use the Camera+ app. I fiddle with the photos using this app & others on my iphone, such as afterlight & Instagram. 

After I've taken the photo & I'm happy with it I open my 'Collect' app. See below for step by step process. 

This is the screen I see when I open the app, it will look different if you've just downloaded the app. Basically it looks like a calendar, a box for each day of the month to collect a photo (you can collect more than one photo a day if you're like me & snap happy). Click on today's date (I'm using 16th to demonstrate today). 

It will prompt you to either take a photo or go to your camera roll. I always go to my camera roll. I don't take photos with this app. 

Choose your photo & it will then prompt you to add a journal or note if you will to the photo. This is where I add my description of the photo or event, what happened etc. This is great for those who do not like their handwriting, we can't all be blessed with lovely handwriting unfortunately. Myself included. 

Next step will look like the photo above, this is where you click on the little square/arrow on the left hand side to tell the app what you want to do with the photo i.e. Facebook, Twitter or camera roll.

Click on camera roll to save the journal & photo as one complete card to your photostream.

This is what the photo will look like in your photostream. From here I print to my picturemate from iPhoto/iCloud on my iMac. Simple & effective, then the real fun begins when you get to play with the journal cards & embellishments I believe. Well it's my favorite part anyway. 

Hope this helps & if you have any questions or if I haven't explained something well enough jot it down in the comments below & I will endeavour to help out.