Are you for real?


Hello August

Are you for real? August? It’s been 1 year & 6 months since my last post? And in that year I often thought whether it was worthwhile keeping this space at all.  I have my own beautiful class of tiny humans to teach this year. I'm very fortunate. I get to do something everyday I LOVE, & its something I've worked hard at to achieve. As well as being a super teacher I have my own four super humans at home. Let me tell you, nothing YES nothing, NO other professional career compares to how fulfilling, wonderful, exhausting & rewarding teaching is. It’s so much better than working from home or anything else I’ve experienced in my 40+ years. I AM BUSY. I can guarantee it. Not one day is like the last. But.... between planning, teaching, driving, teaching, picking up, dropping off, planning, sport, no flexibility, playing, teaching, singing (yes Choir teacher here too) oh & more driving I don’t have either time or creative strength to record my life! How crazy is that. I miss it so much.

I believe when you’re a story teller/memory keeper & scrapbooker you’re always itching to get creative & record. It’s all about finding time for it & yourself. I can hand on my heart admit that I’ve neglected that part of me. I’m for real though. So what happened?

I simply run out of time for me! Time.... is precious & worth spending with either the people you LOVE or with what you LOVE. For us it’s family, rowing & soccer. Our eldest daughter rows for her school & she’s bloody good at it. For real. A NSW state champion. Am I proud. Hell YEAH. Does it take up all our spare time. For real YES. All of it. Is she fitter than anyone I know? YES, she’s strong. A strong 15 year old woman, who is her own person, extremely loyal, older than her time, mature & smarter than anyone I know. We LOVE watching her do her thing. Our second eldest is in a Grade A Under 12’s development soccer side. She’s a striker with the biggest kick you’ve ever seen! She’s strong too, a bloody good person & a quiet achiever. So proud of who she is. Our youngest....she’s sweet, humble, kind & shy. She has Anxiety & between us & a team of experts, we have been giving her all the love, support & good old positive vibes we can to get her through each & every day. It’s hard to see one of your own go through it & also understanding that we can’t fix her, there is no quick fix for Anxiety... only being there to guide her, protect her & LOVE her. She’s going okay today. Tomorrow might be different. 

Do I LOVE memory keeping? Hell YEAH! 

Am I real? YES! And so to keep it really easy for me to stay on track I’m starting a new project. A once a week Project Life Album. Using an Ali Edwards 3x8 album I’m going to document an important part of our week with one simple photo & caption. Yes it’s taking the easy route; its going to be quick & simple. For real, it’s all I can do at present. And I’m okay with that. 



I can't make promises, but I will be REAL for everyone around me & give them my time... sometimes we have to make sacrifices. That’s life. I will at least try to share here more often. 

Hope your’re all well.